Saturday, August 28, 2004

"Students are Being Disenfranchised"

College students who try to register to vote in their college town may be turned down by local election boards, according to an AP story of August 27, 2004. Students at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y. and at the College of William & Mary in Virginia were recently told that they must vote absentee in their parents' states because their campus addresses were "temporary."

The issue of where college students may register to vote is causing some students, who believe they should have the right to vote where they live most of the year, to organize.

Researchers have found that students who attend college in states that force or "encourage" them to vote absentee are less likely to vote. Some students think election boards' decisions may be politically motivated. "Students are being disenfranchised," claims a Hamilton student who came to college from Seattle. (see more)

To register to vote in New York State, go to the Monroe County Board of Elections site for an application & instructions. Whatever your political views may be, clarify your status soon, register in NY, or get an absentee ballot (especially if you live in Florida), and make sure you are on the rolls.