Saturday, August 28, 2004

FDR 12" Figure with Wheelchair

Drastic Plastic's 1:6 scale figure includes FDR in an exact replica of his custom-made wheelchair, and replicas of his leg braces. [Given all this detail, DP should have put more effort into the likesness; the face looks more like Buddy Ebsen than FDR.]

  • 1:6 Scale
  • Highly Detailed, Hand-Sewn, Hand-Painted, and Hand-Finished Uniform and Accessories
  • HighlyPosable with 33 Points of Articulation
  • Historically Accurate Figure and Accessories


  • Metal Leg Braces with Straps
  • Wheelchair with hand strung Metal Spokes, Wheelchair Cushion
  • Cigarette Holder and Removable Cigarette., glasses, Fountain Pen
  • Shoes, Cloth Socks, Herringbone Dress Pants and Jacket, Dress Shirt and Tie, Pocket Handkerchief, Armband, Pinky Ring
  • 1:1 scale (8 1/2" x 11") reproductions of the Original Declarations of War with Germany, Japan and Italy.

Give Me Toys Price: $69.99
Out of Stock [darn!]

I've seen many historical action figures around. The Twenty-First Century Toy Co. recently carried a series of four US presidents. As the company's main stock-in-trade is military figures (the Soldiers of the World collection) one would expect these four to be wartime presidents or former military leaders, and three of them were: Washington, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt (in Rough Rider kit). Who was the fourth? FDR? Hell no. Ike? Truman? ...uh, Andrew Jackson? Kennedy in a PT 109 getup? Surely not Woodrow Wilson or LBJ?...I'm digging now...Old Tippecanoe? Zachary Taylor? Garfield? It must be Reagan, of course; he was so popular. was HERBERT HOOVER. My guess is that the Twenty-First Century Toy Co. has an ideology, and that it hates the New Deal.