Friday, August 27, 2004

Diminishing Oil Consciousness Pervades The Net

Even the Fafblog's Fafnir and Giblets are all over the story:

"Do you think the world is gonna end?" says me.
"It has to," says Giblets. "Or else the scene'll get dull, man."
"It has to to achieve closure," says me.
"It has to or else Giblets will be damn pissed!" says Giblets. "Giblets wants death-comets! Giblets wants his plague of frogs!"
"Do you think Jesus will come back?" says me.
"Not without a ton of funding," says Giblets.
"Thats true," says me. "The budget for the Jesus Apocalypse is pretty huge."
"The special effects alone," says Giblets. "An Jesus doesn't come cheap either."
"What about a natural disaster?" says me.
"Like climate change or flyin saucers?"
"Bah!" says Giblets. "Climate change is an urban myth like bigfoot an the CIA an the Irish!"
"Could bigfoot end the world?" says me.
"Nah, his foot's too big," says Giblets.
"What if we run outta oil cause theres only so much oil an we all keep usin oil an the world jus stops cause it all runs on oil?" says me.
"We will never run out of oil!" says Giblets drinkin oil.
"Giblets that is what you said about runnin out of dodos," says me.

The dialog "not the end of the world" ends on a message of hope. Whew! Scroll down further for an exclusive interview with George W. Bush!